The Tandem Houses organize a densely packed program on a small site by creating a spatial narrative via a slipped section that originates at the front door and culminates in a rooftop garden. The twin houses are identical in spatial layout. The siting of the homes arrives in the simple gesture of one turning to face its own street. The façades are composed of two interlocked boxes expressing the exchange of volume that is occurring within. The natural light streaming into the center of the house will evoke the play of light and shadow from a wooded path. The central stair of bent perforated metal is flanked by structural screen walls of laminated lumber, and allows  light and views to filter through  all the spaces of the house.

Location Portland, OR
Date 2010
Typology Single Family
Client Ryan Zygar
Status Completed


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka
Photographer Bruce Wolf