Tremont Black

The project site is located on a 7,650 sf lot in an GR-C1 General Retail Business Zone at the corner of Fairfield Avenue and W 10th Street in Cleveland’s Ward 3 District. This 3-story wood-framed building features 8 town house units each with their own roof deck. Prior to completion, all units were completely sold out and remain fully occupied today.

Tremont Black won the 2017 NAIOP Multi-Family Design Award of Excellence setting the bar for innovative, dense residential modern architecture in Cleveland. Large picture windows provide unmatched views of the neighborhood and, combined with the textured cladding and matte black finish, create an exterior signature to W.PA’s design excellence standard.

location Cleveland, OH
date 2017
total square fT 21,280
Typology Single Family
Client J Roc Development
status Completed


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka, Jennifer Dzienis
Structural Engineer Alber & Rice