About our firm 

Works Progress Architecture (W.PA) has over 19 years of experience working in transitioning neighborhoods and communities: amplifying growth and creating dense, livable mixed-use environments. We practice architecture with a method that works outside the limits of a traditional service firm. W.PA is 100% woman-owned and a majority woman-staffed studio.

W.PA advocates for the importance of provocative, modern designs that complement the existing urban fabric within industrial districts and enhance the quality of the local community. We believe that infill and restoration of city fabric is a way to create truly sustainable cities. With our extensive experience working in industrial-district private development, we equip clients with concise, provocative, and financially feasible solutions.

W.PA draws from the expertise and enthusiasm of a group of passionate, talented, and conscientious architects. With studios in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California our staff of 24 members collaborate to find responsive, nimble and clever solutions. 


Works Progress Architecture approaches architecture with a clear conceptual design approach that roots each project in its original development intention. We have extensive experience across a wide spectrum of project types, from multi-family mixed use to large-scale commercial mixed-use developments, as well as hospitality and entertainment. We have engaged in urban planning efforts, and have been on the forefront of spearheading the broader use of heavy timber in Oregon and California in Type 1 and Type 2 construction. Other projects include traditional highrise developments, music venues, and boutique single-family housing. Our approach aims to deliver lasting value to our clients, investors, users, and the community through appropriate material choices and flexible building programs.

Strategic Planning

We provide advisory services, such as feasibility studies and consulting to help our clients explore the possibilities of their potential development project.  

Specializing in Private Development, our firm is business-savvy, and has established itself as business-friendly architecture firm that understands working within budgets. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to identify unique solutions and strategies with the goal of optimal efficiency and expediency. 


Focussing on creating experiential, walkable environments that meet a variety of user needs, we have found that mixed-use developments provide excellent value to the user community, and to owners and investors alike. With our experience in urban mixed-use developments in high density areas in Portland, Denver, and Los Angeles, we help shape thriving work/life communities. 

Connect with us with any inquiries or questions. 



24 - Phase III Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards - Gold Award


Quince - The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award

24 - Phase III The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award - Honorable Mention

Hotel Grand Stark DeMuro Excellence in Preservation

Quince Architizer A+ Award - Finalist

Quince Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards - Gold Award

W.PA Build Magazine - Best Mixed-Use Architecture Firm - Oregon


24 - Phase III AIA Oregon Design Awards - Unbuilt Merit Award


Miles Terrace - Top Projects, Vancouver, WA


Flatiron AIA Northwest and Pacific Region Design Awards - Merit Award

7 SE Stark CRE - Transformer Award

Mission Ballroom CRE - Best New Development

W.PA Architect Magazine: Architects Top 50 Firms in Business - Rank 6, Excellence Score 93.6

W.PA DJC 2020 Building Diversity Award


7 SE Stark AIA Portland Citation Award

W.PA BUILD Architecture Awards - Best Architectural Design Studio 2019 - Pacific Coast 

W.PA BUILD Architecture Awards - Best Woman Led Mixed-Use Design Practice - Los Angeles 

7 SE Stark Portland Business Journal CRE Transformer Award


W.PA Architect Magazine: Architects Top 50 Firms Design Category Rank 20, Excellence Score 75.3

Carrie Strickland named AIA Fellow


Slate AIA Pacific Northwest Region Citation Award

Doppelganger AIA Portland Citation Award

Framework The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, American Architecture Award

Slate DJC Oregon TopProjects, First Place, Category: Mixed Use / New Construction

W.PA Architect Magazine: Architects Top 50 Firms Design Category Rank 15, Excellence Score 82.3


W.PA Architect Magazine: Architects Top 50 Firms Design Category Rank 5, Excellence Score 93.1 

Framework Portland Business Journal Commercial Real Estate Award 

Framework US WoodWorks Wood Design Award Commercial Design 

Framework Architizer A+ Awards, Special Mention 

Framework ArchDaily Building of the Year Finalist Offices 

Framework AIA Portland Merit Award

Framework AIA Portland Craftsmanship Award

Slate AIA Portland Honor Award

Slate AIA Portland Mayor's Honorable Mention


Langano Apartments AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Merit Award


Bowstring Truss House AIA Portland Built Merit 

Overton 19 AIA Portland Built Citation 

33rd & Division AIA Portland Built Citation 


W.PA AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Emerging Firm Award

Washougal Incubator Block AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Design Award 


Washougal Incubator Block AIA Portland Sustainability Award


Tandem Duo AIA Portland Built Honor

Overton Residence AIA Portland Unbuilt Merit

AIA Portland Unbuilt Citation

Tandem Duo AIA Portland Mayor‘s Award for Design Excellence


300b P/A (Progressive Architecture) Award

bSIDE6 AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Built Citation

Olympic Mills Commerce Center AIA Northwest & Pacific Region Built Citation

Tandem Duo BIA Best Multi-Family Project

Prototype BIA Outstanding Architecture

bSIDE6 OCAPA Excellence in Concrete Award Commercial Category


bSIDE6 AIA Oregon Built Honor

Workforce Housing AIA Oregon Citation

Tandem Duo AIA Oregon Citation

W.PA Design Vanguard Architectural Record 


W.PA Portland Spaces Root Awards Rising Star

Olympic Mills Commerce Center Portland Spaces Root Awards Work/Lounge Runner Up

Theater 300b AIA Oregon Merit

Grow.PDX AIA Oregon Merit


Olympic Mills Commerce Center AIA Oregon Built Merit

enCased Houses AIA Oregon Merit

2631 NW Vaughn Street AIA Oregon Citation


bSIDE6 AIA Oregon Merit

W.PA Willamettee Week‘s »Best of Portland« Best New Purveyor of Architectural Porn


Yamhill Industrial Work Space AIA Oregon Merit

Olympic Mills Commerce Center AIA Oregon Citation

We have embraced a methodology that operates within the dimension of traditional architecture and a shared human experience. The simplest of gestures can describe the most ambitious of structures.

We continue the search for an expression based on a common denominator, a collective sensory empathy. We believe that there is a meaningful truth held within collective understanding.

We advocate for simplicity in the face of ever evolving complexity, for quiet amid the cacophony of the newest.

When a simple but comprehensive analogous construct evolves from an architectural program and is portrayed candidly, it can convey a deeper cultural and universally humanistic meaning.