43rd & Division

SE Division Street has seen a boom of new structures in the last 2 years along its long neglected, 1 to 2 story storefront lined spine.  The new developments have created an entirely new scale of street wall.  Responding to the development team’s desire for maximum glazing at the street frontage, this 23 unit mixed-use building examines the nature of the modernist glass box, allowing the quick daily weather cycles nine months of the year, and the resulting fluctuating light conditions, to create a shimmering of seen and unseen grids to create a dynamically responsive façade.

Location Portland, OR
Date 2015
total square feet 16,300
Typology Mixed-Use
Client 43rd and Division LLC
Status Completed


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka
Project Team Jennifer Dzienis, Ian Roll
General Contractor Lorentz Bruun Co. Inc.
Structural Engineer TM Rippey Consulting Engineers
Geo Geo Design Inc.
Photographer Joshua Jay Elliott