Milepost 5

The Milepost 5 Artist Housing is a public/private partnership development that converted an existing two-block multiple structure facility into affordable live/work housing for artists.

The adaptation provided a mix of for-sale live/work units and for-rent apartments alongside commercial event and gallery spaces. The project was completed over two phases of design and construction. Phase 1 adapted a residential care facility to create 54 affordable condo units, with the addition of a top floor to the existing building. Phase 2 added 127 micro live/work unit with common spaces such as art galleries, workshops, event spaces, and a theater.

The project was a collaboration between a private developer, the Montavilla Neighborhood, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adam’s office, the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), and the Portland Affordable Preservation Housing Trust. It set out to provide a rich arts community that would remain affordable to artists while providing the work space and support they need to flourish. 

location Portland, OR
date 2010
Typology Adaptive Reuse, Live/Work Housing
client Beam Development
Client Montavilla Neighborhood Association
client Portland Affordable Housing Trust
status Complete


Works Progress Architecture Carrie Strickland
DCI Engineers
Bremik Construction