Coast Auto Supply Building

The proposed development is a 13 story + rooftop building occupying the city block between SE 2nd and Union Pacific Rail; and at the intersection of Oak and Stark Street. The proposed development will be located opposite the 7 SE Stark Building, also by Harsh Investment Properties.

In contrast to the context of low-rise industrial buildings, the proposed structure will maximize the allowable height in order to take advantage of striking views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland.

The proposed building will also have an active street frontage along 2nd Avenue, where a proposed Retail and Food Marketplace is to be accessed. The Marketplace will highlight and showcase local cuisine and wares and contribute to the foot traffic in the area.

To support the Marketplace, the Ground Level will also contain Loading and Parking Access to the North on Oak Street as well as 12,000 sf of Manufacturing Space, highlighted to celebrate the area’s industrial heritage. Immediately above the Ground Level will be Parking for 288 vehicles on three levels of Parking Garage.

On top will sit 165,000 sf of Industrial Office/Traditional Office space spread over 8 floors. The volume of the industrial office space is articulated to maximize views and make reference to its ‘sibling’ building at 7 SE Stark across the street. 

location Portland, OR
total sf 374,312
Typology Commercial Office, Industrial, Market Retail, Parking
Client Harsch Investment Properties
Status Design


Architect Carrie Strickland, Brian Cavanaugh, Ian Roll, Jared Diganci
Structural Engineer KPFF