Jacobsen Salt

Jacobsen Salt is widely known for producing high-quality artisanal salt, honey, and confectionary products. The company emphasizes sustainability and craftsmanship- their locally sourced salt from the pristine waters of the Oregon coast has gained recognition in the culinary world for its top-tier quality. Works Progress was engaged to facilitate Jacobsen's move to a larger production facility that aligns with the company's growth and production needs. The new space, located in the Buck Building in the central eastside, is part of an existing concrete and old-growth timber warehouse building that originally produced steel for the U.S. Military Maritime Fleet. The 20,400 SF spaces boasts 40-foot-tall bow truss ceilings, 4 bay doors, and original clerestory windows.

Our intervention included selective demolition of previous tenant space, bringing stairwells and utilities up to code, and providing Jacobsen with a functional space for production, preparation, storage, and shipping activities. Within the production space, new clean rooms for honey, candy, and salt production were organized along the south side of the space following strict food preparation requirements. The north side of the production space was dedicated to storage racking and access to the loading docks to the west. The east side of the building includes a second floor with offices, conference rooms, and amenities for employees.

Typology Commercial Food Production Facility
DATE 2023
TYPOLOGY Commercial Food Production Facility
Client Jacobsen Salt
Status Complete


Architect Carrie Strickland, Kamila Widulinski, Borris Kratzenberg