A delicate masterpiece constructed with care; constructed with nostalgia toward bigger, bolder structures. Visually fragile and protected under glass and set upon the world.

Framework is a direct adaptation of the historic small plate timber structures that weave through the building fabric of the central Eastside of Portland Oregon. Structurally little different than neighboring 100 year old structures, the elimination of the masonry perimeter walls necessitated a shift in identify. The retail frontage in the concrete base is allowed to take on a more sculptural reading, relating by contrast to the taut glass skin above. Traditional wall and window are able to give way to a simple glass vitrine that allows the warmth of the wood interior to be clearly seen from the street.

The central Eastside industrial district is the geographic center of Portland. With its collection of historic warehouse that have been adapted to house industrial creative workspace, the Eastside is the hot bed for Portland’s maker market. The gritty nature of the Eastside remains a major identifying element. Big open framework buildings sit amongst the active rail lines and freight trucks. The building’s base is carved as a mass, rising up to hold the framework display. Wood facets frame the entry and moments and spaces along the public realm.Through the design of the project, an identity transpired.  Framework became more than a building name, it captures the method and the logic of how it is built and how it behaves.

Location Portland, OR
Date 2015
TOTAL SF 25,000
Typology Commercial, Retail
Status Completed
Client Urban Development Partners


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka, Judson Moore, Ian Roll, Jennifer Dzienis
General Contractor Yorke and Curtis
Structural Engineer TM Rippey Consulting Engineers
Photographer Joshua Jay Elliot
Civil Engineer Don Cushing Assoc. Inc.