The Portland Flatiron building is a timber framed mixed use building sited at the edge of a sloping triangular site in N Portland. The five floor plates will be open loft space of approximately 5,000 sf each framed with timber columns and beams, and cross laminated timber floors with concrete topping slabs.

The unique triangular geometry and the significant grade change across the site generated the simple diagram of lacing 3 formally independent elevations together, resulting in a weave of bay windows and open space at the corners.

In addition to the unique triangular configuration, the site also sits at a directional shift in the city grid of NE Portland. The site has a powerful approach that creates a stunning perspective whether passing by in a vehicle or walking along the pedestrian route to the neighborhood. Creating a concept of a building with only three elevations was a first for us and stood out as a special opportunity to lace the façade together in a way that would never occur in a standard four-sided structure.

Cross laminated timber decking was chosen for its unique ability to simplify the corner geometries structural requirements. Because CLT is multi-directional in strength, we could use the material to create the laced corners with double cantilever balconies and projections. This concept showcases one of the many positive attributes of the trendy cross laminated timber material. 

Location Portland, OR
Date 2018
Total sf 28,000
Typology Mixed Use
Status Completed


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka, Ian Roll, Jennifer Dzienis, Dave Mojica
Structural Engineer DCI Engineers
Civil / Landscape ESA
General Contractor Abbott Construction
Photographer Lincoln Barbour