The existing building was the Macy’s department store downtown Seattle, which made the National Register of Historic Places in 2016. After Macy’s closed in 2020, W.PA was hired to perform a testfit of the existing building turning the first two floors into a music venue.

Restorations were being considered for the windows, front entrance canopy, interior stairs, columns, and the historic ceiling. A cherished marquee from a historic local music venue was intended to be relocated to the site, which required significant structural considerations for the exterior masonry.

W.PA collaborated with local authorities to accommodate this 1,500 capacity venue within the downtown urban core, but ultimately due to code restrictions this project was unfinished. 

date 2020
TOTAL SF 800,000
capacity 1,500
TYPOLOGY Music Venue
client AEG
STATUS Schematic Design


Architect Carrie Strickland, Brian Cavanaugh, Edward Cronin, Jared Diganci