Timelapse Video of the MODS Set Date

December 10th, 2015

A collaboration between Nathan Young of MODS PDX and W.PA, this prefabricated structure is comprised of four modules that shift and slide to form six dwelling units on a 5,000 sqft site in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland, overlooking the St Johns Bridge and the West Hills beyond. The rectangular wood frame structures are fabricated through to finishes in MODS PDX’s North Portland facility and then shipped to the site and craned into place in a single day. The prefabrication process allows for the careful regulation of construction tolerances and offers opportunities for testing and refining building assemblies to create efficient, high-performing buildings. Additionally, this method of construction allows the fabrication of the building to happen concurrently with the site work, shortening the overall construction time.

Videography & editing by Joshua Jay Elliot.