International Women's Day 2023

Mar 08, 2023

Dreaming of becoming a cowgirl then later an architect, Works Progress Architecture’s Principal Carrie Strickland accomplishes both. Falling off your horse is inevitable. Similarly in the AEC industry, facing challenges as a woman in the good-old-boys club is certain – but a real cowgirl always gets back on and keeps riding. Described by some as a left-handed boxer and a tough project manager, Strickland fought her way through a largely male-dominated profession to get where she is today. W.PA is currently the largest 100% women-owned firm on the west coast, and Strickland has paved the way for other women leaders in the region. Today we are proud to say that W.PA remains 100% women-owned and majority women-staffed.

We are a team led by women. It’s a powerful story that builds upon the focused expertise of those who make up this group, and today we celebrate them.