24 Featured in Urbanize LA

Sep 01, 2022

The 24 is the third phase of a master planned mixed-use development, located in the San Fernando Valley. The 24-acre site is the former home of the Los Angeles Times printing plant, which was renovated within the first phase of the development into the headquarters of MGA entertainment.

Phase three encompasses two separate multifamily buildings – Buildings A & B – on 9.5 acres of the site, comprising of a total of 338 units and over 735,000 sf of building area. 24 connects residents with the varied and surrounding landscapes synonymous with the area. Four distinct landscapes were conceptually developed and programmed from an extensive list of amenities including, but not limited to; community gardens, a public plaza and amphitheater, children’s playground and a community dog park. These programs extend upwards and onto the building, forming a continuous vegetated link between the ground level plaza and rooftop amenities of various heights.

Heavy timber pavilions house additional public programs including an event hall, coworking space, theater and a fitness center. A string of legible housing blocks meanders atop the heavy timber podium, each block rotating to frame adjacent landscapes. While the massing of the individual blocks is simple and economical, the complexity of the whole is generated by the relationship between distant parts. 

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