Adidas Campus Expansion

This proposal for a 221,400sf expansion of the Adidas North America Headquarters is located in the Overlook neighborhood of Portland, OR. The expansion for the site looked to create a more connected workspace, internal and external to the built office spaces, while incorporating active uses and sport, creating an icon through authentic functionality. WPA was shortlisted to create a master plan for the site expansion that would phase a series of infrastructure projects that include public office space, sports facilities, parking structures and future building sites.

WPA approached the expansion plan process in a manner sensitive to existing building fabric while addressing the need to update the campus identity. The design reinforces existing pedestrian access at street level while creating greater emphasis on the central sports plaza as the connective tissue of the campus. The new structures respect the spirit of the campus while providing more active spaces and public amenities.

location Portland, Oregon
date 2017
total square feet 221,400
Typology Commercial, Athletic Facility
client Adidas
status Proposal Completed


Leadership Carrie Strickland, Jennifer Dzienis, Ian Roll, Judson Moore