33rd & Division

Along SE Division Street new development has created an entirely new scale of street wall. This four-story mixed-use building contributes to the new street wall, participating both as a fabric building and as building fabric. The building strikes a balance between the anonymity of a rationalized punched window façade and an idiosyncratic connection of spaces using a more plastic language and materiality.

This combination results in a specific corner site response as well as a modulation of the simple mass. Our approach was to push the economic model and maximize the 8,000 sf site for the opportunity to explore more expansive notions of building organization. We proceeded to ventilate the solid block with a series of sectional courts and gardens that allow for daylight and cross ventilation. The effect is a community of collective spaces that enrich and organize the interior public zones, projecting the inner life of the building to provide a vented relief to the massing.

Location Portland, OR
Date 2013
Total square ft 22,175
Typology Mixed-Use
Client Urban Development Partners
Status Completed


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka
General Contractor Yorke and Curtis
Structural Engineer Equilibrium Engineers
Photographer Joshua Jay Elliott