University of Cincinnati Hosts Strickland as Lecturer

Mar 27, 2024

Last week the University of Cincinnati’s architecture school buzzed with excitement as professors connected with a former student and previous W.PA interns were greeted by their once boss. UC is Founding Principal Carrie Strickland’s alma mater and the exclusive source of over 50 student interns W.PA has employed since the firm launched in 2005.

In a nostalgic homecoming, Carrie returned to deliver a lecture titled “Analog Architecture.” Through a series of concepts and case studies, she discussed the firm’s ongoing dialogue with the physical world by continuing conversations at the very root of building buildings – how do we enclose space, what is the interface of the surrounding environment with that enclosed space, and how does that enclosure speak to both its surrounding environment and its enclosed space?

A huge thank you to the DAAP Lecture Series and UC’s School of Architecture for making this happen.

You can watch the full lecture here.