Overton 19 / PortlandArchitecture.com

August 6th, 2014

Brian Libby wrote about Overton 19 on PortlandArchitecture.com:

“By placing the three-story portions at the corner, there is a kind of graduation of scale that allows the building to step down to the height of nearby homes while also creating a geometry of interlocking upper and lower cube forms in how these three stories at the corner relate to the loft units on either side. Yet the building is still defined visually by the series of reed or tree-like forms on the façade that undulate to form a series of uniquely shaped windows as they rise from the first to second or second to third floor.

The strands help create ‘a sense of privacy for the residents while also maximizing the amount of natural light,’ and allows floor-to-ceiling glass but reduces the fishbowl effect: a balance between transparency and privacy that makes sense given how the lofts’ ground-floor spaces could be residential or commercial in use.”

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