Light-frame Wood Innovation Lecture

Mar 03, 2022

Six-over-Two Podium Construction

DATE: 6/23/2022

TIME: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Light wood frame over podium has become a ubiquitous style of construction for multifamily projects. The four or five stories of wood frame housing provide construction cost advantages while the one, two, or three stories of podium increase site density.

While limits within the International Building Code (IBC) have capped this style of construction at five stories of wood framing, the Washington State Building Code has amended IBC limits to allow six stories of Type IIIA, wood frame, multifamily housing when additional safety and design criteria are met.

In this presentation, the design team of two such projects will share the benefits, challenges, and financial impacts they saw throughout their development, design, and construction.


- Discuss the Washington State code amendments that permit six stories of type IIIA, wood frame multifamily construction.

- Examine the structural design considerations associated with a six-over-two building.

- Review the financial benefits realized with increased site density of six-over-two projects.

- Explore how these six-over-two Tacoma projects meet fire life safety objectives.


Alex DavisProject Engineer - PCS Structural Solutions

Adam Hostetler, NCARB, LEED BD+C - Design Director - Works Progress Architecture



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DATE: 6/23/2022

TIME: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

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