Berendo Featured in Urbanize LA

Jun 27, 2022

In the up-and-coming LA neighborhood of East Hollywood, Uncommon Developer’s newest multifamily project has been submitted to the City of Los Angeles for approval. Working with Works Progress Architecture they are creating a unique offering for this section of Berendo.

The site falls within the Vermont-Western Station Area Plan which has a series of design guidelines and criteria that makes most new structures appear of a certain way. Works Architecture’s approach is to push boundaries and find ways to be inventive. Within the set guidelines they create sophisticated and elevated outcomes while building upon the desire for vibrant, dense communities.

This five-story multifamily building creates a clever, new street wall and breaks the overall massing into parts that relate to the smaller scale of the surrounding buildings. In this way it participates both as a fabric building and as a beacon of activity. The building strikes a balance between the anonymity of the rationalized guidelines and a more plastic interruption of façade steps, parapet articulations within a neutral color palette that leans heavily on textural changes to create interest and variety.

The simple massing rotates its southern housing bar to open an inviting, landscaped entry court facing the street. The court flows visually to a glazed entry with continuity to a rear landscaped space. 

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