811 Stark

This commercial building is a continuation of the simple tectonic commercial structures of the early 70’s, synthesizing a timber frame in lieu of steel as a nod to the historic timber warehouses of the industrial central east side of Portland. There is something transcendent about the point where an object becomes a grid and a grid becomes an object. It is fundamental to the history of building expression – back to the first window that was cut into the first wall to give the first occupant sunlight and a view; and can be deeply representative of an individual’s relationship to society. We are interested in architecture that articulates and also fluctuates between these two states. We feel it is the most compelling and humanistic architectural representation for our time.

Typology Commercial, Retail
Location Portland, OR
Client Beam Development; 811 SE Stark LLC
Status Completed
Date 2016


Architect Carrie Strickland, Bill Neburka
Team Members Judson Moore, Ian Roll
General Contractor Yorke and Curtis
Structural Engineer DCI Engineers
GeoTech GRI