Mississippi Avenue Apartments

An ongoing dilemma in high density urban housing is what to do with the central hallway. What if we just got rid of it? With a strict urban growth boundary in place, a temperate climate, and a growing population, Portland Oregon offers unique opportunities to experiment with high density infill housing models. The 4424 N Mississippi project explores a basic model of high occupancy habitation, but inverts it, to examine more complex notions of blurred environments and the potential of spatial infrastructure.  The project poses a simple question: can a double loaded efficiency housing building provide cross ventilation for the units, thereby reducing the demands for mechanical ventilation and conditioning? The site is very compact with a 12’ grade change, but provides the unique condition of a full north frontage at the sweep of a major Portland district street.  This structure outlines a new strategy for creating livability and community by redefining a seemingly exhausted housing typology. By re-examining the basic organizational tenants, new strategies are revealed.

Status Design
Date 2011